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mantro growth studio combines product understanding, web design, and marketing in a small interdisciplinary team. We build websites that your target audience understands and build sales funnels that turn them into customers.

We do marketing
with the product
& target group
in mind.


Product, target groups, and marketing are often viewed as isolated and handled independently by different teams. Marketers don’t understand the product deeply, and web designers don’t know the target group and sales funnel. The result: money is burned because marketing campaigns are inefficient. The Growth Studio brings product specialists, designers, and marketing experts together in a small yet mighty team to accelerate your lead generation by lower costs.

How we solve this

Our product specialists understand your product in detail and figure out the right value proposition for your target group.
Based on the product and target group understanding, we develop a well-rounded strategy, and a corresponding sales funnel. Our team of marketing, UX/UI, and design experts uses this knowledge to build web pages with great user experiences.
By integrating a customized performance marketing tool stack, we make the customer journey visible and every marketing activity measurable. We optimize the sales funnel to maximize your sales qualified leads.
We automate the entire customer acquisition process to guarantee long-term growth. We integrate email marketing, customize the funnel to your CRM system, and optimize your site for a top Google ranking.

Our Services

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